What about Apple Pay for Australia

What about Apple Pay for Australia

apple-pay-watchAs we all lie in our beds staring at the ceiling tonight, unable to sleep because of the excitement of receiving our new, shiny Apple Watches, I can’t help but think about one of the Apple Watch’s much talked about features;  Apple Pay.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that it hasn’t been talked about almost at all is more concerning.

Our friends on the other side of the big Pacific pond have Apple Pay. http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/ works a treat. You can find out all about how the Apple Pay will enable the future of all transactions and become “Your wallet. Without the wallet”. This is one of the reasons I was going to use the Apple Watch, but Apple has been slow to get banks on board in Australia, and 6 months after the release of the iPhone6, we still don’t have Apple Pay on our phones. Let alone our watches.

Whilst Apple’s equivalent Australian web pages say absolutely nothing and a cursory search of Apple’s Australian content turns up nothing other than passing references in the capability statements of the iPhone6, the media too has failed to pick up on this glaring omission.

Most of the Australian reviews either fail to mention it altogether or mention it in passing. Clearly they are either hoping that as they have not been able to use it in Australia they don’t have an opinion and people will soon forget, or, they have forgotten to remove that from the feature list propaganda that Apple execs provided to them when they got their test products.

Ah marketing. You’ve done it again.

Perhaps Apple are really hoping that the Apple Watch launch will distract people from the fact that this feature has for now been shelved, perhaps to ne’er see the light of day.

Perhaps the gushing, doe-eyed Apple fanboys and girls grinning ecstatically at their wrists as the battery meter glows ever redder will not notice this missing piece of the puzzle.

Perhaps I am completely wrong, and we will wake up tomorrow with all the Apple Pay features fully enabled, ready for “The Watch” to take on the world leaving us ever more tracked and with the ability of Big Tech to yet again sell advertising space, but this time on our wrists.

Perhaps I’ll wait a week before I venture in to and Apple store to see an Apple Watch fashion consultant and open the wallet.