Puzzles and Multis Challenge GC45096

Puzzles and Multis Challenge GC45096

questionmarkPuzzles and Multis Challenge…


Found it.

As with many challenges, this one proved to be just that.

Not just one due to the long list of puzzles and multis required, but even at the final stage.

So when doing any multi I have 2 recommendations.

1 – read each of the clues carefully and ensure that you are CORRECT with the figures.

2 – set yourself a time limit on your search in case of being incorrect with the figures.

You see, I had a final set of coordinates which was very plausible, albeit somewhat distant and requiring a short walk, but that’s very reasonable for this sort of challenge… And there I was, searching and searching. Getting more and more frustrated with my inability to locate such a substantially sized cache. The area I went into also was planted out some years ago, and still had the remnants of black plastic bagging around the base of the trees. This bagging looked suspiciously like snake skin and so there were more than one or two startling moments as I searched. Luckily no Jo Blakes, but no cache either.

I did however set a time limit, and once it had passed, I reluctantly left the area. A DNF is of course part of the game – I reckon around 1 in 10 or so; but this one was frustrating as so many before me had successfully reached the goal.

After further ponderance and a coupe of messages, I discovered that indeed I was mistaken and so I made some recalculations based on correct information and suddenly it all fell into place.

A quick drive up this morning left me with the substantial bounty in hand and an ability to finally get a smiley.

Thanks kmace for the encouragement – indeed everything is well with the cache (although the Geo-cookie tag is not here…) My puzzle/multi cache listing requirement is below.

I also dropped one of the recent TBs which travelled back from NZ with me so the next winner can take it on its journey.

As always, TFTC.

Mystery Cache Luck Dogs Possum Hunt by LuckDogsCrew and maintained by Long John Silva | GC13R2Y | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Hooked on Books 6 – ????? by GJMMelb | GC252Q8 | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Magic eye – Sight by atsmug | GC522AJ | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Co-Ordinated Kaos by TeamGeoPlesk & LinearZZ | GC1DPPF | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache ESP – The Sixth Sense by atsmug | GC522BD | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Eltham Swim School by Pa_i_ge maaddii.otoole | GC4ZTR4 | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Research Football Ground by Pa_i_ge maaddii.otoole | GC4ZTQE | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache KMBS – Taste by atsmug | GC5229B | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Paris’ Park by LinearZZ | GC15D4F | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Keeta – Smell by atsmug | GC50HJ1 | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Touch by atsmug | GC5118M | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Mullum Mullum End by Franklj | GCZ8CD | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Ancestors – St. Katherine’s Church by stagetree | GC26RW2 | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Gone Westerfolds by Coffee and Cache | GC1REPJ | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache It Seemed Like A Good Idea… 2 by Long John Silva | GC52TY9 | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Jungle Book #39 by Team Yarra | GC46BCF | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Numismatists by stagetree | GC2NVPM | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache (a) Quirky Reality by Biggles Bear | GC18QER | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache The red flower. #53 by Team Yarra | GC467XX | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Testudines by LouiseAnn | GC4RQTB | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Butterfly 2 by Jacimarble | GC5CKVP | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Companion Commemoration by CJ-Curry | GC4TADG | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Don’t Box Me In by dak’s Emu Mob(Adopted by The Rebel Alliance) | GCKP9P | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Meet The Simpsons by team_coxy | GC3HECF | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache The Ants go marching 7 by Jacimarble | GC41HRD | Victoria, Australia
Mystery Cache Popol Vuh by drjim7 | GC35W5C | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Rhyme Time by Muzza | GCGD9D | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Lincoln Mills by Alsume | GC2ZP3C | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache Be it Ever so Humble ……….#3 The Doll’s House by Alansee | GC17PDX | Victoria, Australia
Multi-cache The Jewell In Our Crown by digitalformula | GC2MZE9 | Victoria, Australia