A bit of navel gazing, and change..

Ok - So I have embarked on a few life changes.  The first is to make a change in perspective.

I have long stated that:

The only thing that will change if you do nothing, is nothing.

So doing nothing is not an option.

Not that I necessarily have any amazing philosophical insights to share (yet) but I am sure that they will come.

I am taking some time off from the hustle and bustle of work, to try and gain some calm, and to travel to Japan.

What do I hope to gain from the trip? Well, I'm really not sure yet. I'll have to let you know when I find it.

I will be doing some Instagram posts of my trip over the next month so you can see these on my @kangadrew72 instagram account.  I have three key goals on my journey.

1 - Find the best coffee in Japan. - 日本で最高のコーヒーはどこですか

2 - Find the best ramen in Japan. - 日本で最高の拉麺はどこですか

3 - Find enlightenment. - 悟りはどこにある

Goal 1 will be challenging, as being a confirmed coffee snob, the bar is set high.

Goal 2 is a bigger challenge because with 28 days only overseas, that's only 28 days of dinners, and I still want to enjoy some Sushi and Sashimi whilst there...

Goal 3 - I suppose, is the ultimate challenge. I don't expect to find this, but with meditation, relaxation, focus and mindfulness, I can hopefully at least start this journey.

So that's it for now, keep following for more...