A few cool tools

Here are some of my cool tool projects

IP finder

Sometimes you have to quickly know what your IP Address is (according to the ourside world.  It's not too hard but it can be annoying. So I just created a little script to show it.  Nothing but the IP Address. Simple.


That's it. Nice and simple.

Cool - but how did you get the URL to redirect?

Well, I used another little tool called REDIR301.  This uses a DNS lookup to forward a notated subdomain through to a URL of your choosing.  So simple - check out the information at https://redir301.link/ and all the information is there.

If you understand how DNS works, then it can be used.  Hey, it's a little nifty and a little cheeky, but it works, and that's all that matters :-)

But you said a few cool tools - that's 3!

OK - got me.  So I have finally resurrected my Herepoint project.  First put together in 2014(!) Wow that's a long time ago- this little tool allows you to generate your own "Herepoint" using your current location, OR a location which you choose and then send it through to friends or share on social media.  https://here.pt/ 

This one still may have a few bugs, but the SMS system is working and the Twitter and Facebook shares still work too.

Note that this is in no way related to here dot com or that whole Here franchise, but if they want to buy the domain and are reading this, then please, send me an email!