A twitter bot exercise

Barrybot was started (really) by Paul Barry and Mediawatch themselves.

They showed an article about Robots taking over the internet, and in particular the jobs of journalists in writing copy.  This is the case in many ways, but setting one up was not something which I had done.  So, after seeing the article – it was a bit of a “joke” to set up the @TheRobotPBarry account, since The Real P Barry is @TheRealPBarry.

The real one was the first follower.

In any case, it was then about setting up a bot.  Not a difficult thing to do… plenty of instructions.  I followed one here.

So – now TheRobotPBarry tweets many things to do with media watch.

The next thing is to tweak the bot to be more like the Real one.  Retweeting media and other of interest articles.  We will see how the bot goes.  More to come…

Twitter Updates...

Robot Paul Barry

Robot Paul Barry

Robot Pretender