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Thanks for dropping by! You probably got here by finding my Pathtag – many thanks!

I started geocaching in earnest in March 2015 on a trip to visit family in Dimboola.  My geokids (Ben and Cam) and I found many caches hidden away all across Victoria.  Now we’re back, we have a few caches of our own and are racking up the cache stats.

We’ll put a few blogs of our caching adventures here – stay tuned!

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Before the Mega…

Before the Mega, I thought I should update this blog... Well - since the last entry, I have around another 250 caches found and Eltham has over another 40 caches placed. It's hard to believe that this game has hooked me in so much, but it has. There are lots of...

New Geocaches for Eltham

Eltham gets 6 new Geocaches Looking to get into geocaching? Eltham has recently had 6 new geocaches installed, inviting more geocachers into the outer suburban town. Geocaching, a family friendly global treasure hunt, involves using a GPS locator to go to a target set...