The Great Butterfly Race

These 8 butterflies were released in Auckland New Zealand on November 26 – making their way across the world. Check out where they all are below.

This page will be updated as soon as they are released and in the hands of those charged with moving them to their next location.



March 1 update:

Well, none have yet made it all the way home, but some are getting very close…

Blue and Orange have made it back to Victoria and Orange is out in front, but both are currently together so it may yet be a draw… Total distance notwithstanding, Blue has visited 115 caches, and Orange just 42.

Butterfly Green has had an amazing ride – making it back to Melbourne, and indeed into one of my caches (Mars) but not out to Butterflies…  Instead a quick journey to Brisbane, Tasmania and now back in Melbourne, Green is a real chance for the win…

Black is back in the starting blocks, and hasn’t moved anywhere yet…  Hopefully soon.

Yellow has been flittering around the North Island near Auckland, but hopefully will make it across the pond shortly.

Purple has been stagnant for a little while now, but again will hopefully start flying again soon.  White has been a little more active, but is cache bound just now.

Which brings us to Red.  Despite only having been to 23 caches, it has the most on the clock, with visits to Alaska, California and now Mexico! Will Red ever make it home? Will Red win?  Who knows…

December 1 update:

A few days after the release of the butterflies, as far as distance goes, Butterfly Green seems to be ahead of the pack, however Butterfly Red has taken a very short shortcut and flew straight from the event to the International Departure Lounge…  It is now up to Red to ensure that he gets on the correct plane to Australia, and doesn’t end up somewhere else…

Butterfly Purple is yet to get out of the starting blocks, but perhaps is trying to fly under the radar here and simply not logging progress.

Keep flying!

November 28 update:

Butterfly Blue is the early leader with butterfly Purple still to make it out of the starting blocks and into the hands of a cacher. As it’s now the weekend, we expect to have lots of caching done and some significant updates to come. Stay Tuned.