iQR.AU Instant QR Code Generation Project

iQR.AU - a new instant QR Code Generator

Another project I have been playing with as WebApp is a new QR Code generator called iQR.AU. I wanted to share a bit about this project that I’ve been working on. The idea was simple: make a QR code generator that’s easy for anyone to use, whether it’s for a small business or personal use. I aimed for something straightforward – a tool where you enter a URL and get a QR code, no fuss.

Customisation and User Experience
One thing I really focused on was customisation. I know how important it is for things to look just right, especially if it’s representing your brand. So, with iQR.AU, you can tweak the colors, size, and even the border width of your QR codes. It’s all about giving you the flexibility to create something simple but useful. More customisations are on the cards if they are needed or desired.

Advanced Features and Reliability
I also have set up the framework for some advanced features. Dynamic QR codes are coming shortly (with logins), letting you update the QR content even after it’s created – super handy for changing campaigns or info. The platform handles different output formats like PNG, JPG, and more, ensuring your QR code works wherever you need it, with more to come also. Plus, I’ve made sure they’re reliable with high error correction levels (although you can check how these work in options)

What’s Next: Continuous Improvement
The site works smoothly on both desktop and mobile, so you can generate QR codes wherever you are. And this is just the beginning. I’m planning to add user accounts and subscription options for those who need a bit more from their QR codes. So, stay tuned!