John David Pollard

24/1/1953 - 7/7/2023

There are a few people in our lives who really make a huge difference.  A difference which is defined by the impact that they have on people and the scope and scale of that.  For me, John was one such person.

I first met John in 1987, he was my Year 9 science teacher at Ivanhoe Grammar School. He taught us many things about science. The fundamental basics of physics, chemistry, and biology which provided a groundwork and basis for a lifelong love of science and discovery of things new.

He even taught us about the dreaded human reproduction unit which I'm sure he hugely relished... But I remember particularly one very proud moment when he brought his ultrasound photo of his daughter in to show us all. We were all taken with the wonder and technology that allowed us to see as yet unborn children. Amazing.

John was also an amazing Chemistry teacher and he loved exciting his students and giving them the sense of wonder which he himself had with science. This passion and love was translated and imbued in so many of the students he taught. He was truly exceptional. He spent 40 years of his career teaching at Ivanhoe Grammar both at Ivanhoe and the Plenty campus. Many will understand how much of an amazing feat that indeed was...

There was more to John than just his students though. His family was always his priority.  He always had time for his kids and did whatever he could to support them.

John was a passionate Collingwood member and supporter. He knew all the players, and ardently supported them whether it be at the ground in person or from his leather recliner in front of the TV. 

He always supported and had the support of his loving wife, Karen. The two of them were peas in a pod and were always looking out for each other, a true example of how a life partnership is and should be.

I was honoured to be able to stay in contact with John over the years and hugely valued his friendship.  Each year around Christmas I would always pay a visit if possible, and when other significant events happened I always wanted to be able to share them with him. He was always interested and engaged whether it be a new car or a new kid.

John tragically passed away in an accident whilst on a walk on holiday near Port Douglas. Whilst he had experienced his share of health challenges, he was loving life and life was good. This makes his sudden passing all the more tragic.

Whilst I share some of the sense of loss John's passing brings, this is nothing compared to the loss felt by Karen, David, Steven, Robert and Claire and his brother Roger. My heart goes out to you all.

Even in this time of sadness, there is much to celebrate as John was indeed an inspiration.  His legacy of having taught a multitude of students a love of science and discovery will live on, and his presence will be felt in all the lives he touched in perpetuity.

Vale John Pollard. Thank you for your inspiration and kindness, your passion and your tenacity. It will not ever be forgotten.