A poem of reflection on the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday.

Once upon a February

by Andrew Heath February 2019

Once upon a February
Heat, wind, flame
A staggering conflagration
Black Saturday by name
Like none before, and none yet since
Consuming all.

Once upon a February
Yellow, red, blue
The flames below and sky above;
The firefighting crew.
Impossibly thrown together
Impossible odds.

Once upon a February
Black, black, black.
The souls of trees reached for the skies
They were never coming back
One hundred and seventy three passed away
Forever lost

Once upon a February
Tears, grief, pain
Communities in disbelief
Dismembered, blinded, maimed
The rallying cries rang loud and clear,
Help us

Once upon a February
Love, support, strength,
A rising stoicism
We’d go to any lengths
A resilience was built within

Once upon a February
Life, growth, green
The leaves burst forth with great aplomb
Returning to the scene
But land and people still bear the scars
Deeply wounded

Once upon a February
Rebuilt, busy, calm
Haunting memories fade for some
For others still they harm
Lessons learned will save the future

Once upon a February
Saluting, standing, fast
We remember all the prices paid
With life of loved ones passed
We will always stand in February

(Andrew Heath – February 2019)

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