TheRobotPBarry and the twitterverse

TheRobotPBarry and the twitterverse

The Barrybot Project

I always like to watch ABC on Monday nights – Mediawatch and Paul Barry are always interesting and when followed by the antics of QandA, there is always some interesting TV.

So on the program on July 6, there was an article describing how Journalists are now able to be replaced by Robots who write more clearly and concisely.  This paves the way (possibly) for copyrighters to be left on the unemployment queue…  Obviously you can’t replace live reporters, or the weather girl (or guy), but general news articles can be very successfully constructed. By robots.

At the end of the article, The Real Paul Barry was replaced by an animated version. Thus, an opportunity opened up to create a Twitterbot. Thus, The Robot Paul Barry was “born”.

Quickly followed and retweeted by The Real one, it was then up to me to find out quite quickly how to write a twitterbot using the new security protocols etc which Twitter introduced.

So – a couple of hours later, and we have a twitterbot (known now as Barrybot).

V1.0 – Follows, unfollows and tweets
V1.01 – looks as specific random topics which are relevant to Paul Barry
V1.02 (in development) to generate random simulated headline statements, similar to those which The Real Paul Barry might use… Some more research needed.

In any case, the project has allowed me to get an interface to Twitter from a command line or website again along with being able to run a bot on twitter.  I think my cat @_firstworldcat might need a helping bot to tweet her meows…  We will see.